Dettaglio gara

Dettaglio gara

The venue is in the “Centro Fondo Campolongo”‐ Altopiano di Asiago
The race office is located at Teatro Millepini Asiago – Via Millepini 1, 36012 Asiago

Bike Mechanic Centre ‐ Ski Assistance
Friday February 7th     from 10:30 to 14:30   Race Area
Saturday February 8th from 07:15 to 16:30   Race Area
Sunday February 9th   from 07:30 to 13:30   Race Area

For the renting, in order to guarantee a proper service, the request is required in advance and not during the event days, to the
following contact:

Elite and Under 23 events will be hold in Standard distance
Age Group, Junior and Paratriathlon events will be hold under Sprint distance.

Category                         Run           MTB             CrossCountry Ski
Elite ‐ Under 23                 7,20km       12,00km             10,40km
Junior                           3,60km         6,00km             5,20km
PTS2, PTS3, PTS4, PTS5       3,60km         6,00km             5,20km
Age Group                       3,60km         6,00km             5,20km
Mixed Team Relay               2,40km         5,00km             2,60km

Athletes Briefing:
Date:      Friday, 7th february 2020
Activity:    Elite/Junior/Mixed Relay Athletes´ Briefing
Location:  Teatro Millepini – Asiago

Entry Fee:

Elite, U23, Paratriathlon €100,00 / JU, AG 16-19 €40,00 / Age Group €100,00 / MR €80,00

Prize Money:

Individual Race: USD 8.000,00 – Mixed Relay: USD 2.000,00

Event Schedule

Friday, 07.02.2020
15:00 – 16:00   Opening Ceremony
16:00 – 16:50   Elite athletes´ registration
16:30 – 19:00   AG Athletes´ Registration /Race Package Pick‐Up
17:00             Elite/Junior/Mixed Relay Athletes´ Briefing
17:30 – 17:45   Registration and Team Composition Mixed Team Relay immediately after the Elite briefing

Saturday, 08.02.2020
09:00           Start Elite Women Winter Triathlon World Championships
11:00           Start Elite Men Winter Triathlon World Championships
13:00           Start Junior Men Winter Triathlon World Championships
13:05           Start Junior Women Winter Triathlon World Championships
17:30 – 19:00   AG Athletes´ Registration and Race Package Pick‐Up
18:00           Award Ceremony Elite/Junior
19:00           Athletes´ Briefing Age Group/Para

Sunday, 09.02.2020
09:15           Start Mixed Relay Winter Triathlon World Championships
10:30           Award Ceremony Mixed Relay
11:00           Start Men Age Group Winter Triathlon World Championships
11:05           Start Women Age Group Winter Triathlon World Championships
11:10           Start Para Winter Triathlon World Championships
16:30           Award Ceremony AG/Paratriathlon
19:00           Winter Triathlon After Party

“This is a prospective schedule. Hours and days may be modified due to weather conditions”. For any further detailed information, please upload the event schedule document